Florence NAACP honors high school seniors

FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – In Florence Sunday, the NAACP hosted its second annual highway to higher education event.

Sunday at Ebenezer Baptist church in Florence 15 African American high school seniors were honored for their outstanding academic performance. The students come from South Florence, West Florence, and Wilson high schools.

“We decided there is so much negative about young people, and about the lack of focus and lack of they are trying to achieve and do well in school, And we want to recognize and say it is okay to be smart, we encourage you to be smart expected and we expect you to do better,” said Florence NAACP president, Madie Robinson.

The students honored spoke of their hard work with us and shared how they managed to stay on track.

“What I do is take time to study each and every night, even when there is a party or something I will still go to them but then I will still take care of my work after before I do those things,” said Award recipient Ma’kya Fitts.

“It’s Just me sticking to the books, not getting distracted, and using people’s abilities to mentor me to better myself to better myself and everything. I enjoy reading books and keeping up my quiet time,” said KeJuan Robinson, one of the award recipient.

And Robinson has a message  for everyone.

“It’s important that we teach and encourage our young people, and remind them that education is the foundation for a successful future,” added Madie Robinson.