Horry County leaders want to give HCPD more than one million dollars in ATAX money

CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – The Horry County Administration Committee says it wants to give Horry County Police a little over one million dollars for beach patrol from ATAX Funds.

That’s about $245k less than what the department said it needed to keep people safe on the beach during the summer.

Police had asked for about $1.2 million dollars to pay police overtime, a new ATV, jet ski, kayak, and rescue sled.

The committee also voted to put about $245k towards the police department for big events like Bikefest and Harley Week, which is about $132k less than what the department asked for to handle those events.

ATAX funds have to be used towards things in the county that would benefit tourists, and council member Dennis DiSabato says that means it can’t help solve all of the problems in the department, like increasing pay for officers or filling the vacancies.

“I don’t know that this solves those problems necessarily. We need to find creative ways of funding the police department beyond just this, but, yes, this will help to free some of the cost,” said DiSabato.

The new recommendations for ATAX money will go before council in the third and final reading of the budget on June 6th.