Power Play program aims to help Johnsonville High students succeed

New things are coming to Johnsonville High School.

JOHNSONVILLE, SC (WBTW) – New things are coming to Florence School District Five in Johnsonville.

It was a night of celebration at Johnsonville High School Tuesday, as students were honored for their many achievements this school year. The school’s principal has ideas he hopes will have even more students lining up for accolades next year.

“If they have the power in the classroom, then they are allowed to play,” says Principal Sam Tuten.

It’s that attitude that Tuten, the principal of Johnsonville High, believes will allow his new plan “Power Play” to succeed in Johnsonville.

“We want to increase student involvement,” Tuten said. “So we’ve created some clubs for those students that are academics-driven, interest-driven.”

Tuten said each Wednesday, students will go to Power Play. The school will operate on an adjusted schedule to let each student take part, or get help with school work.

“Which doesn’t miss instruction,” Tuten explained. “We just take our break during the day and use that for a few moments of instruction.”

Students will pick a club that interests them, or if they’re in need of help, one may be assigned to them so they can get back on track academically.

“So if they’re missing an assignment, then they’ll go and make up that work,” Tuten said.

Two teachers will also operate a testing center during this time to give students more support on core subjects like math, language arts, and science.

Tuten said he hopes the Power Play program, and nights like Tuesday evening, will help Johnsonville continue its success, which includes graduation rates well above the state average.

“Building leaders is what we need to do for tomorrow,” Tuten said. “Leaders of today, leaders of tomorrow, are the leaders of the future.”

Tuten hopes the program will include extra SAT and ACT prep for students to gear up for post-graduate opportunities.

Another idea is overnight college campus tours to encourage students and excite them about continuing their studies, though this is just in the idea phase right now.