Dillon County to demolish abandoned buildings in preparation for inland port

A unanimous vote makes Dillon's abandoned buildings ordinance law Wednesday

DILLON, SC (WBTW) – Dillon County Council met Wednesday afternoon, and the county’s inland port project is progressing and preparations continue.

In a unanimous decision, council approved final reading of an ordinance aimed at cleaning up entrance-ways into the county.

With ground broken on the inland port, Dillon County Council now sets its sights on improving the landscape drivers see on their way into the county.

At its last meeting, council passed the second reading of that ordinance, and County Administrator Rodney Berry said while council is focusing mainly on buildings next to major roads into the county, council members are also open to suggestions from the people.

“If they see drug activity or things of that nature, if it’s grown up and there’s snakes and rats or things of that nature, they can make a complaint to the sheriff,” explains Berry. “Anybody within a two-mile radius of the property can make a complaint to the sheriff. That starts our due diligence to find the property owner.”

Berry says council’s plan is to beautify the county, but just as important is curbing the crime that abandoned or condemned buildings tend to attract.

The county’s work toward demolishing unsightly and potentially dangerous structures is a part of the preparation for the inland port coming to Dillon County and the jobs and new residents it will bring.

The county hopes to replace those old abandoned buildings that get demolished with new homes for people coming to Dillon County for a new place to work and a new place to call home.