HTC celebrates extraordinary students in Horry County

Photo from HTC Facebook page

CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – HTC recognized 52 Horry County students as Reel Kids Thursday.

Reel stands for recognizing extraordinary examples of leadership.
HTC selected one student from each school in the county that has overcome an obstacle in their life.

“They’re kindergartners all the way up to seniors in high school.  They’ve endured some of the most horrific of circumstances and yet they’re smiling, they’re persevering, they’re determined that their future is going to be bright no matter what.  And they’re not going to let any obstacle or any trial to stand in their way,” said Nicole Hyman, HTC Reel Kids Host and Producer.

HTC gets nominations from the schools for the honor.

“When you highlight these kids and you show the positivity that surrounds these kids everywhere that they go, based on what we look at as negative situations, it’s really empowering, not just for them but also for us.  To hear that if they can do it, that means that I can do it too,” said guest speaker and former award recipient Lucas Snyder.

This is HTC’s 17th year handing out the award.