Man lures, traps Canadian woman, forces her into sex, says SC sheriff

A woman from Alberta, Canada was lured to Pickens County, held hostage and forced to commit sex acts, according to the sheriff’s office.

Deputies say the woman was held hostage for several days.

Sheriff Rick Clark it involved a “deceptive internet scheme, multiple sex acts by force and the courageous actions taken by the victim as she struggled to alert authorities.”

The sheriff says she had communication with Fred Russell Urey Sr. who claimed to be a photographer on the internet.

The victim and Urey were talking over the internet for the past two months.

The sheriff said Urey represented himself as a professional photographer who needed to hire a model.

He said he would pay her several thousands of dollars and after a few negotiations, she agreed to come down. At no point was the conversation about nudity or sex.

On May 18th she flew down from Canada and landed in Atlanta. Urey picked her up in Atlanta and took her to Pickens. The sheriff said the suspect paid for her plane ticket.

She was taken to a motel after arriving the 1st night and taken to a 2nd motel the next night, according to the sheriff.

He drove her to various places around Anderson and Pickers County looking for good backdrops for pictures.

On the 3rd night, Urey took the woman to his home, restrained her immediately and threatened her and her family, according to the sheriff.

The sheriff says she was forced to engage in sex acts including bondage, oral sex and sexual intercourse, over the next couple of days.

She was allowed to call home under the strict scrutiny of Urey, but was able to send coded messages to her family.

Police in Canada got involved and were able to track her cell phone.

Pickens Co. Sheriff’s Office then started searching for her and the suspect.

Around 10:30 pm last night, deputies surrounded the home.

They says they could hear running inside the home and then she jumped through a glass window falling into the front yard.

Urey is charged with kidnapping 1st degree, criminal sexual conduct 1st degree and possession of meth with intent to distribute (2nd offense).