Students sculpt sand art on Grand Strand Beaches

Lander University students build Sand Sculpture Artwork on Grand Strand Beaches

LITCHFIELD BEACH, SC (WBTW) Come with me to a unique but purely temporary world. It’s part of a new elective taught at Lander University. It’s introducing students to a unique kind of art.

“Walking on the beach you find little treasures,” Lander University Assistant Professor of Art Doug McAbee. “They stop and they take photos.”

As tides come in these faces, messages and turtles from Sand Sculpture class will vanish.

“We want them to know that art can be fun,” Professor McAbee said. “We want them to smile, we want them to have a good time, that’s why we’re here.”

They are lessons learned in a Midlands classroom that can now be shaped on Grand Strand beaches.

“They showed me that art was so much more than drawing,” Lander University Student Adam Myers said about his professors. “It was sculpting, it was welding, it was ceramics, it was graphic design. (Art) brings happiness and I love bringing happiness to other people.”

The students say building with sand is an evolving process.

“Honestly I’m kind of rolling with the punches,” Adam says of his detailed sculpture.

“You have some limitations with what you can and can’t do,” Lander University Student Morgan Long said after finishing her frog and pizza sculptures. “We always try to come up with the craziest things. That’s what we’re learning. We are learning on how to adapt to unique situations.”

As the students finish their master pieces the professors have some advice for beach goers and their projects.

“Come out and try, that’s all these kids are doing,” Professor McAbee said. “They’re coming out and trying it for the first time.”