Hartsville Police prepare for “100 deadliest days of summer”

HARTSVILLE, SC (WBTW) -The 100 deadliest days of summer is a term used by law enforcement to mark the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day where News 13 is, told most fatal car accidents occur.

Just last year in South Carolina alone there were 380 traffic fatalities, this year already has over 390 fatalities.
Administrative Lieutenant Mark Blair and his team at the Hartsville police, department are working hard to keep the public safe by preparing for the 100 deadliest of summer.
“We will be stepping up our drivers license safety check points, in our public safety checkpoints along the road ways we will be doing more of those along with summer than we normally do,” said Blair.
News 13, spoke to Steve king who has been driving trucks for over 40 years and has undoubtedly seen many accidents over the years.
“I would say nine out of 10 cars they come by me they are texting or talking on that cell phone, nine out of 10 of them if not all of them, said Steve king, general manager of G.M lane trucking.
“it’s the young kids with the cell phones and the texting that is the biggest problem we have now,” he added.