UPDATE: Florence assisted living facility cited in DHEC scabies investigation

FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – DHEC is investigating after receiving a report of a scabies outbreak at Carriage House of Florence last month.

Carriage House is a community residential care facility or an assisted living facility located on South Parker Drive. A statement from DHEC says the department was notified on May 9 that residents were potentially affected by the very contagious condition.

The office responded to the report by visiting the facility to determine the number of residents potentially affected and to make treatment recommendations and also advise the facility how to prevent the mites from spreading. “The department is working with the facility staff to ensure proper care of the residents and to monitor for additional cases. DHEC is maintaining communications with the facility and the infection control measures they are taking. The department will continue to monitor the health and safety of all residents in the facility,” the initial press release stated.

News13’s Kiahnna Patterson followed up with DHEC officials on Tuesday, June 6 and found the facility was cited in the investigation.

According to another statement the department Tuesday, Carriage House was cited for failing to follow some of the scabies prevention and control recommendations as well as failing to document scabies in some resident records.

Carriage House Administrator Mary Jane Singletary says at last check 15 people had scabies in the facility when News13 contacted her Tuesday, June 6.

“We have done preventive treatment on clients and staff. Last Friday, everyone received preventive cream. We’ve stripped beds, washed items with hot water, bagged items that cannot be washed and left them outside in hot temperatures. DHEC said this will kill the mites,” Singletary said. “We are following protocol. If we notice someone is itching we will get them to the doctor.”

The facility has not yet been cleared of scabies, DHEC said. “It can take weeks for a person with scabies to develop symptoms which include pimple-like irritations, burrows or rash of the skin, and intense itching, especially at night. DHEC will continue to work with the facility to monitor for additional cases. It could take several weeks to ensure the spread of scabies has stopped,” the press release stated.

Scabies is a skin condition caused by mites that are transmitted by close personal contact with infected individuals or their belongings.

The cases identified in the facility do not pose a threat to the general public, DHEC assures. For more information about scabies please visit DHEC’s website here.