2017 Ag+Art Tour kicked off in Florence County

FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) –  The 2017 Ag + Art Tour kicked off this year’s tour in Florence County for the first time ever on Saturday.

The South Carolina Ag + Art Tour is a free, self-guided tour of farms and artisans. During the tour, visitors have the opportunity to see first-hand where their food comes from, watch artists in action and purchase their works, dance to the melodies of bluegrass and folk-songs, and learn more about rural life.

“We should have been involved maybe a few years ago, but we are active now and we plan on continuing this and hoping we get the word out there,” said Ag + Art Tour Information Specialist, Betsy Hannan.

This year is very unique because it is the first time Florence County has been included in the tour. This gives tour visitors an opportunity to see great vendors that have not had the chance to be recognized.

“I’m glad Florence has been given this opportunity to also be a part of this since it’s been around for years and now we are able to embrace Florence,” said tour participant, Harry McFadden.

After a successful first weekend, officials say Florence County will be expected to continue its participation in future tours.  The Ag + Art Tour will continue through South Carolina until ending in Union County at the end of June.