Organizers offer new ways to pay at Carolina Country Music Fest

People heading to CCMF now have more ways to pay for things at the event.

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – There’s a new way to pay for things at the Carolina Country Music Fest this year.

In the past, people have had to load money to the wristbands they wear to get into the festival, but faced problems with people not being able to get leftover money back. Now, when people walk in the gates at CCMF, they are no longer bound by what they previously loaded to the wristband.

There are a few new options to pay and organizers say this will help avoid problems like they had last year.

Brian Grainger, one festivalgoer, said after last year’s CCMF, he spent weeks waiting to get a refund.

“Last time I had to go find how to get my money back that I didn’t spend so that was a process,” said Grainger.

Grainger wasn’t the only one left waiting for a refund.

Director of CCMF Michael Stephens says that’s why this year they went with a different company and a new process.

“Last year, it was called Top Up and you would load your wristband money,” explained Stephens.  “This year, you can tie it to your credit card, swipe your wristband, and it’s a credit card transaction.”

On top of treating your wristband as your credit card, you can now use cash or swipe your actual credit card inside the festival.

And vendors hope that means they can cash in.

Charlene Bullard, a vendor at CCMF, said “because when you’d have to go load the wristbands, you’d have to go get out of line because we don’t know what’s on your wristband. So, if they were in line, they’d have to get out of line, go load a wristband and then come back. So, I think this is going to be 100% better.”

Several people we spoke with say they’ll stick to cash to avoid problems with their cards and to know exactly how much they’re spending. Others say the wristband is just more convenient.

We asked the organizer of this event how they can be sure your card information is safe once you load it to your wristband.

He tells me they’ve done their research, made improvements after last year, and says this new company is 100% secure.