SC athletes compete at National Senior Games

FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) A trip to the South Carolina Senior Games may leave you wondering how they do it.

“My friends tell me, a man like you live to run, I tell them I run to live,” Ahmad Faheem Shabazz said.

When you watch him compete, you realize age really is simply just a number.

“It’s surprising what people can do when they really try,”Ann Carter said.

Looking around the South Carolina Senior Games, you’ll find many just like 75 year old Ann Carter

“Once you get hooked on something like this you keep going,” Carter said.

Maybe that sprint around the corner isn’t quite what it used to be, still these exceptional athletes say the key is to keep going.

“It’s a great confidence builder too,” Carter said.

“If you don’t get out there and try it you’ll never accomplish it,” Barbara Garrett said.
From sport to sport, the reason why they stay active is a constant phrase.

” love competition and I love meeting the nice people,” Walter Lancaster said.

“I love competiveness,” Mike Parker said. “I teach the kids (that I coach) when I shoot archery or anything else that I do we’re out there to win.”

Proving to mind and body that advancement in years does not have to mean a decrease in ability

“Keep me moving because I know if I go home and sit down I’m going to waste away,” Garrett said.

Many of the athletes say it’s about finding something you enjoy that helps you keep going.

Some of them are passing that love of sports on to another group as well by coaching the younger generation.