Some downtown businesses happy CCMF has come to an end

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – While many are sad that the Carolina Country Music Festival has come to an end, some local business owners aren’t so sad to see it go.

“For every buck that I make, I’m having to work twice as hard than I normally would,” says Bodo Binninger. He’s run Bodo’s German Restaurant and Pub on 8th Avenue North with his family for 33 years. Though he’s excited that an event as big as CCMF has come to Myrtle Beach, he says it’s not good for business.

For four days, Bodo’s front yard becomes the back alley of the festival, and the driveway and parking lots in front of his restaurant are blocked off. “Unless you know we’re here and you’re willing to make that extra effort, you’re not going to casually come into Bodo’s German Restaurant,” said Binninger.

I spoke to employees at other businesses along 8th Avenue North and Ocean Boulevard and  they also said the festival “kills” business for the weekend. Binninger adds all the traffic deters guests from making the trip to his restaurant. “Uber won’t come pick up my guests after they’re done eating because they don’t want to get into this mess down here,” he said.

Binninger says this the second time in the last month his business has taken a big hit. “Unfortunately it goes back-to-back weekends for us because Memorial Day, they use 8th Avenue for emergency vehicles only, closing it off to barricades.” He says he ends up suffering the consequences, without reaping any reward. “When I get here Monday after the event, I’ve got a lot of cleanup to do for stuff I’m not even responsible for selling.”

Bodo says he understands the city is doing its part to make CCMF as safe as possible, but hopes the city can help him make up for his loss. “Since they’ve taken Oktoberfest away from Ocean Blvd, maybe letting me have a piece of 8th Avenue for my weekend out of the year, and then I can celebrate Oktoberfest out there.”