CCMF cleanup, breakdown could take three days

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – The City of Myrtle Beach and private companies will start the breakdown and cleanup process Monday morning following Carolina Country Music Festival.

CCMF organizers say more than 100 people will help take down the fence, clean the grounds, break down the stages, remove the portable restrooms, and pack up the power supplies. Work crews traveled to Myrtle Beach Sunday night, with more arriving early Monday morning to start the job.

The City of Myrtle Beach also reports that the grounds where the festival was held will have to be restored, as the area was wet and muddy when vendors and crew began setting up Thursday.

“We’ll go through do a final cleanup, and all the debris that’s left from the vendors that they don’t take with them, we’ll actually have to collect that and dispose of it with the regular garbage that was collected from the event as well,” explains Myrtle Beach Solid Waste Superintendent Ed Marr.

Officials say after nearly 30,000 people attended each night of the event, the cleanup process could take until Wednesday. The grass where the vendors set up and pathways where attendees continuously walked will have to be treated.

City officials couldn’t yet say how much it will cost to restore the grass and clean the concert space, but one Myrtle Beach resident says she’s glad the event has come to an end.

“Traffic is just a bit much because you know you have a lot of tourists, and then you have congestion on top of touristic traffic, so you know, it makes things worse when you’re trying to commute just to go to the beach,” voices Myrtle Beach neighbor Loreal Jones.

While hotels along Ocean Boulevard were happy for the increased traffic the festival brought, other businesses felt pushed out by how the event was set up this year.

Bodo Binninger has run Bodo’s German pub on 8th Avenue with his family for 33 years, and while he was excited for CCMF, he says the event didn’t bring the business he had hoped.

During the four-day event, Bodo’s front yard served as the back alley of the festival, blocking off the driveway and parking lots in the front.

“Uber won’t come pick up my guests after they’re done eating because they don’t want to get into this mess down here,” Binninger said during CCMF.

Binninger acknowledges that the city is working to make the festival safe and accessible to a large crowd, but even city officials say there are some businesses that won’t fair as well as others with this type of event.

Myrtle Beach City Spokesperson Mark Kruea says there are some winners and losers when it comes to business location for CCMF, but the overall impact for the city is a positive one.

CCMF is currently scheduled for June 7 – 10 for summer 2018.