Fairmont hosts Stop the Violence community day

FAIRMONT, NC (WBTW) –  The second annual “Stop the Violence” community day took place Sunday in Fairmont.

The event honors community members in Fairmont who lost their lives because of violence.

“My daughter actually got killed in 2000. Her boyfriend shot and killed her, then killed himself, so this means a lot to me,” says Joanne Betha. “I believe that there is help, and there is hope.”

The event drew attention from town officials and members of law enforcement. Organizers said although the purpose of this event is unfortunate, the community is still hopeful and is leaning on one another for strength.

“Grieving someone’s loss is not an easy thing, and there is so much comfort and inspiration at this event,” said event host, Meaghan Livingston. “I think there is a lot to be said about when people can actually put themselves aside and consider someone else’s pain as their own.”

For the community, the event was a time to celebrate the lives of the ones lost to gun violence.