Conway Police offering “active shooter” training to local businesses

CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – The Conway Police Department is now offering “active shooter” training to local businesses that are apart of the Conway Chamber of Commerce.

This training is free. The police department usually does it at their headquarters, but they said they will also come to your business. Sgt. Johnathan McAllister said it doesn’t matter if your company has five people or 50 people, they are still willing to come out and do the training because they think it’s necessary.

“We’re seeing more and more active shooter events every single day,” said Sgt. McAllister.

“We think it’s important to open up to the community and share some of our knowledge and teach what we think the people of Conway and surrounding areas should do.”

The training teaches on three principles: Avoid, Deny, and Defend. Sgt. McAllister said the same information is being taught across the country so there is consistency among what to do in active shooter situations. He also mentioned that doing this type of training helps bridge the gap between the community and law enforcement.

One local business owner has already completed the course and he is in line to get his employees trained as well. He said even if he is in the store, he may not be able to get everyone together to tell them what to do.

“Everybody needs to know what to do in the event that someone comes in and becomes that shooter,” said owner of Rivertown Pharmacy Dale Todd.

To get involved with this free, active shooter training, contact Sgt. McAllister with the Conway Police Department at 843.488.7657.