‘Enough is enough,’ Lake City councilwoman says of abandoned homes

One councilwoman wants to see Lake City clean up abandoned homes

LAKE CITY, SC (WBTW) – Officials in one Pee Dee city said they’re tired of run-down and abandoned buildings affecting the look of the community.

“Enough is enough,” said Lake City Councilwoman Sondra Fleming-Crosby. Now in her fourth term on Lake City City Council, Crosby said she’s proud to call this place home. She said while most in her community take care to show pride in their homes and property, other homes that have been abandoned could bring crime and other risks to the area.

“It looks bad for the community,” Fleming-Crosby said. “As a constituent and council member, I want to do as much as I can to rectify the problem.”

Crosby took News13 around the city Wednesday afternoon to show some areas she is talking about. Homes with overgrown lawns, trash and other debris strewn across front yards, damaged structures, all problems at some homes in Crosby’s district.

“It’s a health hazard,” Crosby said. “It decreases property values in the neighborhood. It’s an eyesore. Neighbors are complaining about it.”

Crosby said Lake City council members are working with the fire department, which has a list of abandoned buildings properties in the city and is working to contact property owners.

“Everyone needs somewhere to stay,” said Crosby. “And everyone should have a certain quality of housing to live in, but with that, there should be expectations, inspections, and enforcement.”

The state of South Carolina has guidelines that must be followed before action can be taken on private properties, but Crosby said the city will do what it can to establish more rules from property owners in the future to curb problems like this.

“I think the housing stock here should reflect the values of Lake City,” Crosby said.

The Lake City Police Department continually checks known abandoned homes to make sure no one is living in them or conducting criminal activity.