Contractor shares ideas for low-maintenance home exterior improvements

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Randy Hann with Contract Exteriors in the Grand Strand joined News13 NOW at 9 a.m. on Thursday to talk about some improvement ideas for home exteriors. Hann explained decking and siding are two major improvements that can be made to get a large return on investment.

While wood is the traditional choice for decks, newer options include composite and PVC decking, Hann explained. PVC decking is a fully plastic material that has texture and color variation on the top to simulate the look of wood. PVC is certainly more expensive, but it lasts much longer than wood decking exposed to sun and general weather conditions, Hann explained. PVC also does not get stains from dirt or spills, Hann said. Composite is a blend of wood and plastic material that can also extend the life of a deck. Because it is a hybrid material, composite can still stain and absorb moisture. Hann recommended people who like the composite should consider a composting decking that is fully wrapped in PVC.

Hann said fiber cement siding has a great cost-versus-value ratio, meaning the higher upfront cost often turns into a long term value – a better return on investment. Fiber cement siding is much more durable and can stand up to very strong winds, Hann said.

Watch the video to hear more about improvements Hann mentioned.