Reaction to Myrtle Beach shootings critical of city, safety

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MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – The weekend shootings in Myrtle Beach have drawn a negative response to travel, the city, and the “family friendly” view of the vacation spot.

Myrtle Beach Police have reported four shootings within the past 48 hours. The first happened Saturday afternoon outside of Coastal Grand Mall. Minutes later, Myrtle Beach Police were also called to the Crown Reef Resort for a second shooting.

The third shooting occurred overnight Saturday, where seven people were injured.The reporting and the video of this shooting has gone viral on social media.

Myrtle Beach residents, residents of surrounding areas, and tourists have taken to social media sites, like Facebook, to react to the incidents in “Murder Beach.”

Tommy Lee posted on Facebook, saying he doesn’t go to the beach anymore because a few years ago he thought it was getting out of control. “Its no longer a family environment” he writes.

Emily P. Justingham also posted, saying “I remember when South Carolina families could vacay in MB. But after you let in all the nudie clubs, tattoo parlors and pierce joints- it’s a freaking cesspool. I would not let my dog stay in dirty myrtle. What a filthy place.”

Lisa Brown Groome is one of many who have expressed on Facebook that they chose other places to visit instead of Myrtle. Groome wrote “This is why I really avoid Myrtle Beach. Sad but stuff like this goes on way too much. Not a place to go and relax. I prefer Folly or Kiawah”.

Long time residents are also seeing the violence as an issue, and as a reason to leave.

Tommy McCormick reacted on Facebook, saying he’s seeing the violence getting worse all the time. “…been here my whole life 40 years now and I am planning to move out of Myrtle Beach myself.”

Art Medlin has actually left Myrtle Beach due to this issue. Medlin commented on Facebook, saying “This is one of the reasons we left and moved. Myrtle Beach is not safe and until people in charge start cleaning it up be prepared for much more of this happening!”

One topic is consistent across majority of comments: What is the city government going to do about it?

Some are calling on others to vote out Mayor Rhodes, the city, and even Horry County because of their apparent lack of response of action on this issue.

Leon King wrote “Folks that live in Myrtle Beach need to vote Rhodes and anyone with him out. That fool is a crook. Him and most of city council are in B&C pockets. Just like Horry County Council. Till people start voting these idiots out there will be no change”.


*Note: Comments have been edited for clarity and spelling.*