Florida homeowner finds massive sea turtle in pool

ISLAMORADA, Fla.  — A large loggerhead sea turtle had to be rescued from a swimming pool in the Florida Keys earlier this week.

On Monday, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission was called to a home in Islamorada after a homeowner found the 250-pound turtle stuck in her pool.

Officials say the female sea turtle was crawling up the beach to nest and accidentally fell into the pool. Officials believe artificial lights on the beach may have disoriented the turtle and made her think the ocean was in the opposite direction.

The homeowner found her the next morning.

The FWC worked with officials from The Turtle Hospital to safely get the turtle out of the pool.

The turtle was then examined and tagged before being released back into the ocean.

The FWC wants to remind you sea turtle nesting season is underway in Florida.

If you ever find a stranded, sick, injured or dead sea turtle, you should call the agency’s 24-hour Wildlife Alert number at 1-800-404-3922.