North Myrtle Beach approves ordinance to exempt city residents from paid parking fees

News13's Taylor Herlong

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – On Monday, North Myrtle Beach City Council passed final reading of an ordinance allowing residents and property owners to eventually secure a permit and be exempt from city parking fees.

According to a post on the City of North Myrtle Beach Facebook page, the exemption applies to city-owned parking lots, public street ends and public parking areas within the public rights of way that have been identified as paid parking lots or paid parking zones.

Property owners must apply to receive the exemption, the ordinance states, and city leaders expect the program to be active by mid-July.

According to the ordinance, resident and non-resident property owners who own personal vehicles on which payment of ad valorem tax to the city has been made may apply for and receive the annual exemption for up to two personal vehicles per property located within North Myrtle Beach.

The term “vehicle” includes a car, a golf cart or a low speed vehicle. Golf carts must be permitted by the S.C Department of Motor Vehicles.

You cannot apply yet, but city officials say they will publicize in advance when property owners may apply for the exemption and what information people need to provide to receive the exemption.

The Facebook post mentions the city currently charges $1 per hour for parking at four public parking locations: Oceanfront at 4th Avenue North, Oceanfront at 3rd Avenue North, Second row at 4th Avenue South and Oceanfront at 27th Avenue South.

The city offers about 1,800 public parking spaces from Hillside Drive to the oceanfront. One hundred twenty six of those are paid parking spaces, and the rest are free.