Some customers confused about free parking in downtown Florence

FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – Some business owners in downtown Florence have seen some issues with parking recently.

The problem comes from limited signs for the Emerson parking deck, located on Irby and Dargon streets. The city has made some efforts, with small signs outside of the parking deck; however some business owners say it’s just not enough.

“Nobody really knows about it, so the city has put up a few small signs and I think they are working on getting the message out,” said King Jefe co-owner, Kyle Hardee. “It’s just getting the message out there that there is plenty of parking downtown,” he added.

Other business owners News13 spoke with believe the of parking problem could be making them lose out on business.

“Because there is no parking, no one wants to stop during daytime hours because they have things to do, they just want to walk in here grab a cup of coffee and go to work,” explained Ezra Brown, Owner of Soule café.

“It would be great if there was a sign that says hey this great parking garage is here, and anyone can park,” he added.