Florence United Way short $92K could impact local nonprofit organizations

FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – The United Way ‘Giddy Up and Give’ campaign has a goal of receiving $1.2 million dollars but the campaign is down about $92,000. This could mean big cuts for some local nonprofit organizations.

The United Way ‘promises’ donated money to 17 nonprofit organizations. Some examples; the Pee Dee Coalition, American Red Cross, Lighthouse Ministries, and Boys and Girls club.

President Wendy Bird explained some organizations use the donations to fund up to half of their annual budget.

“The impact is great for all of our agencies because of course when they receive fewer dollars they are not able to impact the community at the level they would like to,” said Bird.

Bird said the over the last two years weather events like the 2015 flood and Hurricane Matthew have slowed down donations.

“[It’s] not that they don’t want to give. I think they’ve had to make choices and maybe not give as much,” said Bird.

Lighthouse Ministries is one of the agencies that may receive less money each month. Lisa Goodwin went to the office Tuesday to receive assistance with her electricity bill.

“I think it’s very good that people continue to help and keep people’s light one especially if they have children,” she said.

Goodwin is raising her three small grandchildren and must have electricity to stay alive.

“I have to have CPAP at night and my oxygen running on my machine at home that I use all day long. I have a disability also that encourages me to need lights,” said Goodwin. “Lighthouse Ministries helps with that.”

Now all of the organizations could have to find other funds to help people in the area, if more donations do not come in.

“Because of these natural disasters, I think there are more people that are in need,” said Bird.“We, of course, are trying to make a  last-minute plea to our community. Asking them if they haven’t made a contribution or maybe at a point where they can make an additional contribution to help us meet that goal. We would greatly appreciate it.”

The United Way campaign ends this Friday. Bird says they are hopeful they will raise more money.