Fentanyl patch robbery prompts warning from police

GREENVILLE, SC (WSPA) — Police are asking the public not to discuss their prescriptions in a public setting –not even with their pharmacist.

The warning comes after an elderly Greenville woman was robbed of prescription painkillers Monday night.

Sgt. Johnathan Bragg tells 7 News two men wearing bandannas and armed with a gun forced their way into her apartment at the Bell Roper Mountain Complex just before 7:00 p.m.

“They observed her wearing her Fentanyl patches they asked her for the Fentanyl patches and money, so they just got away with medication that she had– including the patches,” said Bragg.

It’s unclear whether the woman was targeted for her medication or was the victim of a random home invasion.

Sgt. Bragg is now warning people to be mindful about whom they discuss their medications with.

“When you get your medication, don’t talk about what it is with the pharmacist out loud, just put it in your purse and leave the store,” said Bragg.

“You never know when a criminal is lurking around to see what you may be picking up at the pharmacy or what you may be carrying out of the CVS or the Walgreens,” he said.