Sankofa festival brings African culture to Florence

FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – Residents got a unique cultural experience as the 17th annual Sankofa Festival in Timrod Park, Saturday afternoon.

The name, “Sankofa” is a term of Ghana language that translates into “to go back and fetch it.”  This phrase was the theme of the event. Festival attendees got the chance to learn some real African dance steps, as well as enjoy music from the reggae group ‘Mystic.’

“This festival is a celebration of African and African-American culture it was started 17 years ago when my parents and I and friends and family of the school that we had here some years ago,” explained Co-organizer, Neema Hooker.  “One thing we try to focus on, is to bring a little bit of our culture back from the motherland for everyone to participate and enjoy, so it’s a celebration in a family movement.”

The dance and culture is something Florence residents appreciate.

“I think this is a great event to come to, because you learn a lot about our history and the different places outside America. So I think it’s great, and it’s very educational for a lot of people,” said festival attendee, Kenneth White.