Deer prances through surf at SC beach

Photo courtesy Steve Doudoukjian

HILTON HEAD, SC — A rare sight came prancing out of the ocean and dashed through the surf at a South Carolina beach last week.

Steve Doudoukjian got the photo of the deer on Monday.A deer was caught on camera at Hilton Head Island beach — darting and gallivanting between swimmers and those wading ashore.

Snapping the photo was a case of being in the right place at the right time.

“My wife and I just happened to be there,” Doudoukjian told CBS North Carolina on Facebook.

“We saw (the deer) swimming and I was trying to get a photo of her in the water and she surprised us and others by running out of the surf,” he said.

The deer seemed surprised by all the people and after a few seconds turned around and ran back into the water, according to Doudoukjian.

“Here’s something you don’t see every day,” Doudoukjian captioned the photo on Facebook.

The deer was still out swimming when Doudoukjian left the beach for the day, WCNC-TV reported.

Doudoukjian told the Island Packet he had never seen a deer in the ocean.