Florence bicycle shop organizes community ride

Pee Dee Bicycle Company

FLORENCE, SC – A Florence bike shop held a community ride Wednesday in hopes of encouraging others to taking up cycling.

Employees of Pee Dee Bicycle led the way.  The ride started at the shop in downtown Florence, then went into Timrod Park.  Bikers rode for about an hour and then completed the ride across from the shop at the Local Motive Brewing Company at 123 North Dargan Street.  The group then enjoyed drinks and other refreshments.

Manger Dave Aguilar with Pee Dee Bicycle Company said, ” We want this to be a continuing thing and we want it to be approachable to cyclists of all levels, a lot of people don’t consider themselves cyclists cause they don’t own spandex they don’t own carbon fiber, but if you wanna ride your bike for fun, you’re a cyclist.”