Darlington county sheriffs office hosts cooling project

DARLINGTON, SC (WBTW) – Hurricane Matthew left many people in the Pee Dee without essential resources, like food, water or shelter. Saturday, the Palmetto disaster recovery team, along with the Darlington county sheriff’s office accepted donations of fans, cases of water, and air conditioning units to give to people in need.

“We’re out here today working for those people who have needs that we know of,” said Carolyn Johnson resource coordinator for Palmetto disaster recovery. “Our most vulnerable will be our elderly, age 65 or older and then our single mothers with children under the age of five.”

Palmetto disaster recovery told News13 Saturday, there are many people who were left vulnerable after the hurricane, and with the hot summer temperatures, they are in need of resources.

Darlington county sheriff tony chavis said they wanted to get involved with the palmetto disaster recovery because it goes hand in hand with their desire to serve the community.

“We live here, we represent the citizens of our county, so it’s about Darlington in everything we do,” said sheriff Tony Chavis, with the Darlington county sheriff’s office.

The fans and water, will continue to be collected at the Darlington county sheriffs office through the 23rd of July and will begin being distributed on the 24th.



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