Georgetown police, deputies receive Narcan training

The Narcan training sessions were held at the Georgetown Police Department. (Source: City of Georgetown)

GEORGETOWN, SC (WBTW) – The Georgetown Police Department and the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office received training on how to save someone potentially dying from a drug overdose.

According to Georgetown Police Department Captain Bull Pierce, city officers, as well as county deputies, attended two training sessions on Friday on how to administer Narcan, the life-saving drug that temporarily blocks the effects of drugs made from opium or opioids, like heroin.

The training sessions were held at the Georgetown Police Department where instructors taught the law enforcement employees how to administer the nasal mist version of Narcan.

Upon successful completion of their training, each officer was issued two doses of Narcan which can be administered to victim’s suffering from an opioid induced overdose, says Captain Pierce.