July 17 is World Emoji Day

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – For those who didn’t even know World Emoji Day was a thing, Monday marks the fourth annual celebration of the little characters.

Linguist Vyv Evans, author of The Emoji Code says humans regularly use their 43 facial muscles to produce more than 10,000 unique facial expressions, which makes using emojis to communicate a better way for people to express themselves.

Evans adds that of the 3.2 billion people with regular Internet access, 92% of them regularly use emoji. The most common use of an emoji is in a text message, with more than 6 billion text messages a day hosting one of the facial expressions.

USA Today reports July 17 was designated World Emoji Day because that is the date shown on the calendar emoji for Apple and Google users.

The most used emoji on Twitter, according to Emoji Tracker, is the smiling face with tears of joy.