Surfside Beach woman finalist in toilet paper wedding dress competition

This image from South Strand News illustrates three different views of Surfside Beach resident Mimoza Haska's dress designed using toilet paper.

NEW YORK –  New York City hosted a rather unique annual runway event recently.

The challenge? Building a wedding dress and head piece entirely out of toilet paper.

More than 1,500 people from around the country created the wearable dresses entirely out of TP, glue, thread and tape.

The top ten finalists were invited to a runway event in New York. One of those ten was from Surfside Beach.

Mimoza Haska of Surfside Beach said her dress paid omage to her mother.

“Well, my mother had taught me how to crochet and I lost her last year so I wanted to do something dedicated to her. Not to make it sad or anything, but I just wanted something just to bring her back for memory and tell her she means a lot to me,” said Haska.

Kari Curletto from Las Vegas ended up taking the top prize of $10,000.  Her dress, named ‘Quilted Enhancement,’ was made of Elmer’s glue, glitter glue, spray adhesive, fabric glue, athletic tape, sports tape, clear and brown packing tape and 21 rolls of toilet paper.

According to the contest website, the competition is sponsored by Quilted Northern.

See the video below for more images from the top ten finalists.