Man placed in Myrtle Beach police cruiser with loaded gun, report suggests

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – A man arrested Saturday morning was put into the back of a Myrtle Beach Police cruiser with a loaded gun in his waistband, according to a police report.

Online booking records indicate Matthew Steven Wainee Amado, 19, was arrested early Saturday morning for open container of beer in a vehicle, minor in possession of or purchase of alcohol, and riding on a portion of the vehicle not designed for passengers.

The Support Services Manager for Myrtle Beach Police says Amado’s charges do not constitute the need for a police report, so one will not be made available. Without a police report, it is not known if Amado was patted down or searched by the arresting officer before being placed into the police car.

Myrtle Beach Police Captain Joey Crosby says it is protocol for all suspects being arrested to be searched before being placed into a patrol vehicle. Capt. Crosby adds that an internal review is being conducted in this case to determine the events that occurred leading up to the suspect’s arrest and being placed into the officer’s cruiser.

A weapons law violations report documents that an officer was asked by the jail supervisor at the Myrtle Beach Police Department to take possession of the loaded handgun that had been found in the back seat driver side floor board of patrol vehicle 1213.

The report documents that the gun is a Smith and Wesson 38 Special and was loaded with five bullets.

Upon investigation, officers discovered that Amado was placed in the police cruiser around 1:50 a.m. Saturday to be taken to the Myrtle Beach jail. The report states that Amado can be seen on the police cruiser’s in-car camera being seated in the rear cage of the driver side of the vehicle.

Once he’s inside the police car, Amado begins “shifting his weight and his feet around and appears to be reaching for his rear waist line.” The report says Amado then leans forward and “places his hands to his side and appears to drop something.”

A loud “thud” can be heard on the car mic, the report states, and immediately after the sound, Amado sits up and stops moving around until his friend is put into the back seat of the police car with him and they both get their phones out of their pockets, the report says.

According to the report, Amado’s criminal history indicates he “is not allowed to be in possession of a firearm or ammo.”

The gun was placed into property and evidence to be processed for finger prints, the report confirms.

Capt. Crosby says it has not yet been determined if Amado will face a weapons charge in this incident.