Coastal Carolina University grad sends pics to wrong number and the response is ‘legit’

CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – A recent Coastal Carolina University graduate wanted to share photos of his big day, but after posing with friends in his cap and gown, the pics were sent to the wrong number.

About an hour after the photos were sent, the CCU grad received an unexpected response. The man on the other end sent a thumbs-up photo in support of the grad’s accomplishment.

The CCU grad posted the photos to Twitter, saying, “Accidentally sent these pics to the wrong number yesterday. The response was legit tho. Really made me smile.”

In addition to his selfie of support, the man also sent a link to a series of motivational speeches, adding, “Congrats fellas the skies the limit!”

The man, identified on Twitter as Roger Hawkins, is sharing a positive message with everyone who will listen. The link of motivational speeches has reached thousands on Twitter, with some even texting Hawkins’ phone number (accidentally posted to Twitter in the photos) to say thanks for the encouragement.

Two strangers, who may have otherwise never crossed paths, create a positive influence on nearly 100,000 people as the “likes” keep growing. Congrats @YoungGus10.