Dozens at HCSB meeting ‘concerned’ about Conway’s Coach Jordan

CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – A group of about 50 people came to the Horry County School Board meeting on Monday night hoping to get an update about Conway Football Coach Chuck Jordan.

“We’re concerned,” said Jerry Faulk, who attended the meeting.

Jordan was arrested for allegedly assaulting a student in May but the charges were dropped last week. He is currently on paid administrative leave but the school district has not decided whether or not Jordan will keep his job.

“Most of the community, as you might anticipate, is certainly divided,” added Faulk. “There are many who say that he should come back, however, there are many who say he should not return.”

Faulk said he saw the video of the altercation between Jordan and the student, Ka’Brian Hickman, and said it was “uncalled for.”

“We question whether or not he has training to deal with special needs students,” added Faulk.

Elijah Salim, who also attended the meeting, said even though the charges were dropped he thinks Jordan needs some sort of discipline.

“Everyone should be held accountable for their actions whether it be an adult or child,” Salim added. “Coach Jordan is a good person. He’s been a member of the community for a while and he made the wrong decision.”

There was no public comment at the school board meeting and the topic was not addressed by council. However, News13 asked school board chairman, Joe DeFeo, if he had a comment for those who showed up and didn’t get answers.

“I’ve been getting emails and phone calls and talking to everybody,” said DeFeo. “I told them the same thing. This is an administrative decision and unless there’s a reason for an employee to have some proper appeal back to the board and that remains to be seen if that will even be needed or used.”

There was an executive session at the board meeting to discuss “personnel matters.” However, it’s unclear who was discussed because those meetings are private.

Jordan’s attorney, Tommy Brittain, said while this was an unfortunate incident, it’s been thoroughly investigated.

“Certainly our hopes were that, this being in the hand of experienced professionals, once a decision was made everyone would be happy with it and we could move on,” said Brittain. “We hope this young man can resume his education, Coach Jordan can go back to coaching football. He’s been out of work now and suspended for a couple of months so there’s already been some consequences to everything that’s happened.”