Hartsville police help homeowner remove baby alligator from swimming pool

Photo courtesy of Rebecca Alford

HARTSVILLE, SC (WBTW) – Hartsville police had their hands full Tuesday.

When a Hartsville homeowner found a baby alligator swimming in her pool, her first instinct was to call police.

“I’m sure the Hartsville Police Department sees some weird things in their line of work, but this was a first,” Rebecca Alford wrote on her post on Facebook.

Alford says Lt. Brian Rudick of the Hartsville Police Department fashioned a slip noose on the end of a pool net pole and after several attempts, managed to catch the reptile.

The baby alligator was put in a Rubbermaid plastic tote box and DNR came from Florence to handle the creature.

“They handled it brilliantly,” Alford wrote. “DNR has relocated the approximately 2-year-old alligator from my pool to what I hope is a happy home far, far away!”