Florence adult daycare uses 70s theme room to treat Alzheimer’s patients

FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – The New Generations Adult Day Center is opening space for Alzheimer’s clients for the first time.

New Generations says it has come up with a creative way to make their participants feel comfortable – by giving the center a 70s theme.

The center includes retro furniture, pictures from that era and even real magazines from the 70s. Organizers explain the decor can assist with treatment, and take participants back to the past.

“It’s a time that a lot of our participants will be able to relate to. Contemporary stuff does not interest them because they aren’t familiar with it, but Elizabeth Taylor, they are,” Owner John Belissary said.

Besides just helping their clients with Alzheimer’s, they will also be able to provide family members with information on support groups and other services.

Glenn Romesberg’s wife has Alzheimer’s and he says caring with someone with the condition has its challenges.

“It’s like almost caring for a 2-year-old. It’s terrible. They lose their mind. They try to say something, they know what they want to say but they can’t think of it. They can’t relate in words, it’s just awful,” describes Romesberg.

This facility is all set up and will begin welcoming patients after a final DHEC inspection. The facility plans on being open by the beginning of September.

New Generations is located at 2111 W Jody Rd. in Florence.