Florence liquor stores prepare for Hurricane Irma

FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – While some people prepare for Hurricane Irma with water and gas, others like Khadija Williams, are filling up with alcohol.

“I’m in here trying to stock up on liquor,” said Williams. “Gallons of vodka, tequila, wine, and boxed wine.”

Williams was in Florence last year when Hurricane Matthew hit. She said she wanted to be prepared and plans to spend about $80 on alcohol this week.

“I need alcohol to keep my nerves calm but I already got my water,” said Williams.

Kaye Watkins is a veteran of Hurricane Matthew and Hugo. She said she looked for water at stores, but that search ran dry.

“Well we just were riding by and said let’s stop and stock up on alcohol since we can’t find water, we might as well find some liquor,” said Watkins.

Florence businesses are also preparing by doubling up on alcohol supplies. Hayley Pleasant works at a bar and said she hopes the storm doesn’t hit, but if it does she’ll be ready.

“We’re just stocking up for the weekend for all the people who want to come out and have a little hurricane party before the storm hits,” said Pleasant.

Employees at Micky Finn’s said business has picked up since the news of Irma hit.

“A lot of people are buying larger quantities than normal so it makes me very happy,” said Micky Finn’s employee Philip Howell.

It doesn’t matter what they’re drinking, everyone agrees that their main goal is to be safe.