Myrtle Beach Police launch new alert system ahead of Irma

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – The City of Myrtle Beach is preparing for Hurricane Irma.

First and foremost, city leaders say don’t try to compare this to any other storm the Grand Strand has experienced.

They say if you’re asked to leave the area, listen.

Hurricane Irma has already caused a lot of damage and destruction, and it’s a storm Myrtle Beach city leaders say you need to take seriously.

“I’m asking our residents to please be prepared. Please, make sure that you have fuel in your cars, you gather your medications, and you get all documentations,” said Rhodes.

City Emergency Management Coordinator Alvin Payne says if you’re asked to evacuate and choose not to do so, there may come a time where first responders aren’t able to get to you.

“Our police, our fire, and our public works people will be pulled off at a certain wind speed. When it gets too dangerous for our people, we’re not going to put our people in danger for something that we can’t even determine if we’ll be able to make a difference,” said Payne.

Captain Joey Crosby with Myrtle Beach Police says their department is already preparing for Irma, and have launched a new emergency alert system ahead of the storm.

“We launched Hyper-Reach yesterday that can send mass notifications for things such as weather alerts, special events, or things such as a hazardous situation. we can send out that notification a group, the city, or to a neighborhood specifically that may be impacted by something,” said Crosby.

You can sign up for the notification system here, and while you can use it year-round, Crosby says it’s important to sign up ahead of Irma.

That way you can get detailed information on any evacuation alerts or info happening in your neighborhood should you have to leave for an evacuation.

“Our hope is to give our community as much information as possible. So, in order for us to be effective in giving you information, we’re encouraging you to sign up so you can receive that information,” said Crosby.

Captain Crosby says you can also keep up with warnings and things happening in myrtle beach on the police department’s P2C website and on social media.

The department has also opened up its help line if you have questions about your zone, evacuation orders, or what you should pack in your hurricane kit. That number is (843)918-INFO(4636).