People stock up on gas as anticipation for Hurricane Irma grows

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – After South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster declared a state of emergency, many people in our area hit the gas pumps on Wednesday afternoon.

“As the day goes on we seem to be getting busier especially for gas,” said Ray Grimmett, who works at the Grab N’ Go on Palmetto Pointe Boulevard. “People have been talking about how other stations are out of gas.”

His station received a truck full of gasoline on Wednesday so they were full stocked. However, Grimmett was not sure if another truck would come before the weekend.

“Whether it happens again before the storm I am not sure,” he added. “It’s kind of up to the shipper.”

Another gas station, off 544 near Surfside, was out of regular gasoline but that didn’t stop Scott Madill from filling up four large gas cans.

“I’m stocking up on gas for the chainsaw and other vehicles that I have at my shop, generators and everything,” said Madill.

The Walmart gas station on Farrow Parkway near the Highway 17 Bypass was completely out of gas most of Wednesday and workers said they had “no clue” if another truck is coming anytime soon.

“Everyone’s rushing to get gas as it is and with this hurricane coming through, it’s making it a little more of a struggle,” said Kevin Sharp, who was avoiding the storm by heading to Georgia.

Some people were not sure if they would stick around this weekend.

“That’s what I’m going home to find out whether I’m leaving or not,” added Madill.

Others said they are not taking any chances.

“I will evacuate, yes definitely,” said George Nicholas. “My wife and I are already making plans. It’s unpredictable at this point, you know, there’re so many different models.”

While there is no official gas shortage, some stations say their lack of gas is due to the effects of Hurricane Harvey combined with the anticipation for Hurricane Irma.