Marion county officials meet to prepare for Irma

MARION, SC (WBTW) – With the threat of severe weather coming to South Carolina, Marion County officials met to figure out a plan.

The meeting involved different organizations including surrounding fire departments, police departments, and the Red Cross.

County officials have been taking every step necessary to ensure any impact from the storm will not have the same effects as Hurricane Matthew. Officials say resources were an issue a year ago, but they feel better prepared for a storm, should one hit this year.

“The flooding in Nichols took us by surprise. We were behind because we had to get local agencies to help us out,” said emergency services director, Joey Price. “This year we hope to have vehicles in place to help us get this done.”

County leaders cite other problems as residents not wanting to board boats for fear of leaving pets behind and joyriding cars, causing wake in the water resulting in property damage.