TV crew on Hurricane Hunter plane struck by lightning during Irma flight

(Source: WNCN)

BILOXI, Mississippi (WNCN) —  A TV crew went on a ride in a Hurricane Hunter aircraft that was hit by lightning while flying into the eye of Hurricane Irma on Saturday.

“Wow, what an experience this was!” CBS affiliate WKRG reporter J.B. Biunno said at Keesler Air Force Base after the flight landed.

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The plane, a modified C-130 Hercules, was damaged on its nose and at least one propeller, Biunno said.

Paint was shredded along “ground lines” on the nose of the plane, which will have to be repaired and won’t fly again until repairs are made.

Damage to the propeller of the WC-130J  was not visible.

No one was hurt during the 12-hour flight.