Myrtle Beach changing rules for protesters in city limits

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – The City of Myrtle Beach is looking to change its rules for picketing or protesting in the city.

City council passed the first reading of an ordinance Tuesday that would prevent someone form picketing or protesting at the convention center, on the beaches, or on residential sidewalks inside the city.

The rules say anyone organizing a protest with more than 25 people would have to notify police 48 hours beforehand.

It also limits what protestors are allowed to carry, including large posts that could be used for weapons.

Mayor John Rhodes says this decision comes with the growing trend in protests around the United States, and is more about preparation than anything.

“We’re trying to cover our bases. When things happen throughout the nation, and it doesn’t look too good for those areas that weren’t prepared for it, then we look at how we prepare ourselves incase an incident like that does come up,” said Rhodes.

City leaders are also looking at how much first responders and public works crews should be paid if they have to work one of the events.

The ordinance needs two more readings to pass.