Surfside Beach town council to vote on new police partnership

SURFSIDE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – The Surfside Beach Town Council will vote on an updated partnership between the Surfside Beach Police Department and the Horry County Police Department.

Police Chief Kenneth Hofmann said this “Mutual Aid Agreement” would allow his department to help Horry County police in non-emergency situations.

Calls could include using Surfside Beach Police’s K9s on a drug bust or using officers to help with traffic stops or building searches.

Hofmann assured town council the mutual aid would only be used if Surfside Beach police could spare the resources at the time. Hofmann also said his officers could technically be called out anywhere in Horry County, but it’s unlikely they would have to travel too far outside of town limits.

“We’d like to be able to provide that type of assistance because in the big picture, assisting them in law enforcement close to our borders also affects crime in Surfside Beach,” added Hofmann.

Currently, Horry County police are able to help Surfside Beach police in non-emergency situations, but not the other way around. The proposed document can be read in full, here.

Surfside Beach Town Council will vote on the agreement at their next town council meeting.