‘Third flood in two years,’ water fills several Front St. businesses

GEORGETOWN, SC (WBWT) – Several businesses along Front Street in Georgetown filled with water on Monday afternoon.

Most stores had sandbags and tarps at the front doors, but the remnants of Hurricane Irma still managed to seep inside.

“We can do all the prep on the outside that we can possibly think of, but it still comes through the brick,” said owner of the Cuttin’ Edge Barbershop on Front Street, Jamie Adams. “Our building’s really old and the water seeps through.”

Adams checked on the store with some employees throughout the afternoon.

“I’ve been here for 14 years and this is my third flood in two years,” she said. Hurricane Matthew in 2016 and the 1,000 Year Flood in 2015 also hurt their business. “It’s kinda upsetting. We didn’t think we’d get it so bad this year, but we did.”

Adams and her employees did make some changes after those storms.

“This time we have waterproof flooring,” said employee Jordan Player. “Last year we didn’t and all the flooring popped up.”

She hopes the damages will be minimal when they get back inside to clean up.

“We get to go in and squeegee it all out when this is over,” added Player. “We’ll probably have to replace some stuff. Hopefully none of the major stuff.”

Both women were optimistic and knew things could’ve been much worse.

“There’s no need to worry,” said Adams. “It’s not our homes. We’re not homeless and it could be so much worse.”