Myrtle Beach officials create blog to fight rumors, false information about city

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – The City of Myrtle Beach is taking action against rumors and misleading information about the city. The city has created a new blog titled, “Myrtle Beach Point of View”.

“Set the record straight and establish the real background behind something,” is what city spokesperson Mark Kruea hopes the blog will do.

Myrtle Beach Point of View has been active for approximately a week, and currently has four articles. The articles explain decisions city leaders made, such as their response to the Ocean Boulevard shooting in June that went viral. Another article also clarifies crime rates that have been reported about Myrtle Beach.  “The news media may report on a piece of that, or a couple of pieces of that but it’s nice to have a forum where you can say this is the entire story,” he said.

Kruea said the public information office will post to the blog once or twice a week. The city does have a website and Facebook page, but, according to Kruea, the blog will serve a different purpose. “The Facebook page is really very busy. It’s our outbound news stream. This is more of a longer think-piece format. A chance to correct the record if there’s a mistake out there or an error in understanding,” he said.

The city hopes the new blog will also reach a larger audience than the Facebook page. “Not everybody uses social media so this is an opportunity to reach people who are at least internet savvy but may not be a big Facebook person,” said Kruea.

People will be able to comment under the articles on the blog. It also features a “Contact Us” section that tells how people can contact the city directly.