Re-Tweets mentioning ‘white supremacists’ appear on NC DOT Twitter, then vanish

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — The North Carolina Department of Transportation’s official Twitter account appeared to re-Tweet posts Saturday afternoon that included “Charlottesville White Supremacists ‘very fine people’.”

Two re-Tweets appeared to be from ex-South Carolina State House Representative Bakari Sellers and also said that “NFL plays Sons of bitches that need to be fired.”

Minutes after CBS North Carolina reached out to the North Carolina Department of Transportation, the apparent re-Tweets disappeared.

One Tweet from Sellers, a Democrat, that appears as a re-Tweet by the N.C. Department of Transportation was:

“Y’all remember Charlottesville White Supremacists ‘very fine people’. Black NFL players Sons of bitches that need to be fired.”

The other was a re-Tweet by Sellers from CNN reporter Brian Stelter to which Sellers added “PREJUDICE IS NOT PATRIOTISM!”

Stelter’s original Tweet said “Trump is embracing ‘us versus them’ conflict involving politics, patriotism and popular American past-times.” and linked to his own article on CNN Money’s website.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation later Tweeted that “an employee mistakenly RT’d inappropriate info from NCDOT instead of personal. We apologize for confusion. We are looking into this situation and will address this accordingly.”