‘Battles of the mind’ workshop addresses child behavioral health issues

FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – Local churches and school counselors came together Saturday for a series of workshops meant to educate parents on child behavioral health.

One of the organizers, Sam Fryer, has worked with the Florence School District for the last 18 years as a behavioral health counselor. He said he’s seen his share of ADHD and ADD cases, and that people shouldn’t be so quick to diagnose a child with those disorders.

“Often, kids get diagnosed with ADHD, and it’s not,” said Fryer. “It sometimes can present as depression or anxiety. Sometimes kids have bipolar disorder, but it gets diagnosed as ADHD.”

According to a report by healthline.com, South Carolina ranked fifth for children with ADHD. However, Fryer says this isn’t necessarily the case.

“Just because a kid is running more than everyone else, and just because a kid has a hard time focusing, that does not necessarily mean ADHD,” said Fryer.

He said he is always encouraging parents to come to workshops like this so they can be informed and understand what resources are available for their children.

“It’s not that the parents don’t want to help, but they don’t know how to help or where to go to for help,” said Fryer.

He plans to continue workshops like this in the future, but he said parents should talk with their school counselors for more information as well.