Program seeks to strengthen families in Timmonsville

TIMMONSVILLE, SC (WBTW) – Organizers with First Steps of Lee County have a program called strengthening families, meant to help families with communication and bonding.

The program was brought to Timmonsville because of its need, organizers say. According to the South Carolina division of social services, there were 852 investigated child abuse cases in Florence County last year.

The program is funded by a $75,000 grant from the Department of Social Services and Duke Endowment. Families will be participating in active role playing to find and solve problems at home, thanks to the grant money.

“Families are able to, strengthen their communication skills,” said Executive director of first steps Alexis D. Pipkins Sr.  “Many times children say  parents don’t listen, so we want to look at those things and see how we can help.”

News 13 spoke with one family who told us, communication was an issue in her home before the program.

“I wanted to build the communication skills between me and my children,” said program parent Lashawnda Damon. “And help them to express themselves better, with not just me but with each other as siblings and other family members.”

The meetings will be held at Timmonsville high school, If you would like to join the program, call Timmonsville high school or email