FEMA: warning about scam targeting Matthew victims was inaccurate

LUMBERTON, NC (WBTW) – According to FEMA, a scam warning posted by a North Carolina emergency management agency contained inaccurate information.

A post on the Robeson County Emergency Management Facebook page on October 9 warned of a scam aimed to exploit those who have received money to repair their homes.

The post claimed a man named James was using a particular phone number to contact FEMA victims insisting they purchase used mobile homes. He warned that if they didn’t, they will have to turn over the FEMA money they received to fix up their homes. He also told them that he has already found the used trailer they need to purchase and they must give him the money to close the deal.

The Facebook post on the emergency management page stated that the man was not employed by FEMA, but government officials say the man identified in the reports was in fact a FEMA employee discharging his duties.

“FEMA personnel will be in the field meeting with occupants of Manufactured Housing Units regarding the possible sale of those units to the occupants. As always, these FEMA personnel will carry proper credentials and anyone who has questions about their identity should request to see those credentials,” FEMA spokesperson David Mace said in a statement.