Mullins childcare center celebrates re-opening following Hurricane Matthew

MULLINS, SC (WBTW) -A childcare center in Marion County damaged by Hurricane Matthew last October had its grand re-opening Wednesday.

Mrs. Lil’s childcare in Mullins first opened in 1998 but flooding from Hurricane Matthew destroyed most all the furniture and supplies inside and forced the owners to re-build the building’s foundation.

This April, Marion County First Steps helped the center get nearly $7,000 in school supplies, furniture and carpeting to re-open.

“Our kids were displaced and had no where else to be, so having her reopen is great for our families and keeping them to continue to be working or in school and that way the kids are being protected and served here at Lil’s daycare so we are proud and excited to have her open again,” said Spencer Scott, executive director for Marion County First Steps.

Mrs. Lil’s is a group facility that can serve up to 12 children.